Mario Estrada

Vultur Framework

A simple MVC PHP Framework for web development.

Why I Developed It

Originally named Condor Framework by me and that's why it uses the CR prefix on it's classes. I changed the name to Vultur because it is the scientific name of the Andean Condor (Vultur gryphus).

I developed this framework for a personal project and have been using it extensively on client work. I was driven to write Vultur because I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could pull it off and to further develop my PHP and Web development skills.

I had used other frameworks (Zend and Yii) but hated the fact that they included too much functionality I didn't need and sometimes the documentation was scarce or confusing, so I wanted something I knew all around and what better way than to create one.

I won't promise any extensive documentation since I really developed this software for internal use, but shortly I will provide with examples on how to use it.

jQuery plugin that helps you embed Google Maps, using the API V3, into your website. Originally developed by Cedric Kastner.

Chrome-like keyword search for Safari browser. Search Amazon, Wikipedia or any other site directly from your URL bar. This is an extension that makes the omnibar-like field a lot more powerful.

jQuery Watermark

jQuery Watermark

A jQuery plugin for embedding watermark text into textfields and textareas in HTML.

Scrooge JS - Unobtrusive Affiliate Linking

Scrooge JS - Automatic Affiliate Linking

A Javascript tool for adding referral information to correspondent links. Supports any affiliate that just needs a parameter added to the link (Eg.{YOUR-REFERRAL-ID}). It also supports affiliate links through Commission Junction, it detects supported sites and replaces the link 'href' tag with the corresponding URL.

It is being distributed for free at BinPress.

MideoJS HTML5 Video Controller

MideoJS HTML5 Video Controller

A Javascript/CSS controller for the HTML5 video element.

CSS Color Clock

CSS Color Clock

A CSS implementation of