Mario Estrada

BitTorrent/µTorrent Remote Web App

Working directly with BitTorrent I developed a web app for accessing the BitTorrent and µTorrent clients remotely, it works with the iPad and iPhone. Adapts to the different sizes using CSS media queries.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Spine.js, Handlebars.js and jQuery.

* You need to access it using an iPad to see this app or change your User-Agent.

MedCenter - Medical Appointment Software

Web-based application service (SaaS) for managing appointments, medical histories and exams.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

private application

GreenHead S.A. - Inventory Management

Developed a web-based application for managing equipment inventory and analizing how repairs are going on each cellphone.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

TechSpot Mobile

TechSpot Mobile

Designed and developed the mobile version of TechSpot. The goal was to implement most, if not all, of the functionality that the main site provides in a lightweight and beautiful way. I achieved this by using a lightweight Javascript framework for mobile browsers and by implementing the UI design details using only CSS3.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & Zepto.

Almacenes La Ganga

Developed a website for Almacenes La Ganga, the most popular retailer of consumer-electronics and home appliances in the country.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

L. Henriques & Cía.

Developed a website for L. Henriques & Cía., an ecuadorian company that imports a wide range of products for the industrial, automobile, hardware and consumer industries.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

PROHOME - Hogares Inteligentes & Funcionales

Developed an informational website for PROHOME, a store that sells products for home automation, electric accessories, window films & panels for all kinds of furniture and decorations.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

Bot Animation Studio

Implemented the design in HTML5/CSS3 and developed the site with a custom CMS.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

Daniel Adum Gilbert

Implemented the design developed by Daniel with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

L. Henriques & Cía. (1st Proposal)

First proposal for the L. Henriques webpage. The final and approved design is at this link.

Technologies: HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery.

Other Clients

Implemented the provided design of the following websites using modern web technologies (HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript):